smokeeagain: oK follow up to that cute tent selfie you posted but I basically took the same selfie. Its my icon. Such a coincidence :O I was also wearing tie dye *.* 

which one are you talking about? :P


Do you want? 

Frosty lil nug of happiness

Pink Kush

I really do love him

st0ned-and-sad: hey i need help! i havent smoked in around 12 days, basically since school started but over the summer i did it a lot, like 3-4 times a week. i have to get a urine drug test for a job within the next week. i've been working out a lot and i drink a lot of water. do you think I'll pass? 

Marijuana can stay in your system for atleast 30 days if not longer. Sneak in some clean urine lol